About Me
Name: Thomas Everett Sargent
Age: 25
Sign: Aries / Rooster
Height: about 6 foot nothing
Weight: Varies, but too high
Hometown: Morris, IL
Living In: Morris, IL
Degrees: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Multimedia Production and Design 
Associate of Applied Science in Interactive Media
Occupation: Computer Sales
Hobbies: Anime, Model Building, Reading, Bike-Riding, Politics, History, Computers
Status: Single, and not liking it very much
Politics: Progressive / Liberal
Fav. Colors: Red, White
Fav. Music: Classical, JPop, Oldies, 80's, Instrumental 
Games Playing:
(PC) No One Lives Forever 2
(PC) Maple Story
(Wii/GC) Super Smash Bros Melee
(GBA) Super Robot Taisen - Original Generation
(Saturn) Dragon Force
(DC) Sonic Adventure
(PSX) Suikoden
(PS2) Front Mission 4
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